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Sharin’ the Drivin’

Last summer my two older brothers and I took a long vacation trip, prostate driving through many states of our great country, sightseeing along the way. We took turns doing the driving for the 2,268 miles. The amount of time that each of us spent at the wheel came out to be in the ratio of our respective ages. Upon completing our grand tour, we calculated that we traveled at an average speed of 36 miles per hour.

If we brothers were born in consecutive years, what was the year of my birth?

Murals by Max

Maximillian Smith is a modern painter of murals. His preferred size of designs are those painted on large rectangles whose length-to-width ratio is 2-to-1.

Two of his recent works of art have a unique mathematical connection with his daughter, Mindy, who became a for-real teenager just last year. You see, the numerical difference in the areas of these two paintings (as measured in square meters) is equal to Mindy’s age.

What is the sum of the two areas?